HALE charity donation

HALE (Health Action Local Engagement) is an award winning charity local to our head office in Bradford. They work with a wide range of people across the Bradford area, offering services designed to improve health and wellbeing. HALE's work focuses on those who are seen as vulnerable members of society that feel isolated and lonely; those that struggle with mental health or self confidence issues or are exposed to dangerous situations. They aim to provide help, support and encouragement for people of all ages and focus on educating people about Self Care, Alcohol Awareness, Sexual Health and Nutrition issues.

Their team of community health workers aim to improve the local communities physical health through diet and nutrition education and they also have programmes designed to help with mental health issues and isolation. They host a range of groups and services to help those with limited social contact, such as carers, the elderly and those who have just lost a loved one, get out of the house and socialise with others. HALE's befriending scheme allows those living alone and struggling with loneliness to build up a friendship with a registered volunteer who can even visit them at their own home. Their work helps to reduce isolation, increase confidence, improve wellbeing and allows people to maintain their independence.

Hale Bus City Centre

HALE also visits anyone referred from a GP who is struggling with mental health problems, feeling low or lacking in confidence and listen to what they are interested in. They will help people to access local services and groups that might appeal to them based on their interests and even go along with the person until they feel confident enough to go on their own. The charity operates on mobile buses to reach people all over the Bradford area and the bus has even been used as a creative sewing and craft workshop for local people to get involved with.

Earlier this year HALE contacted our head office team and asked if we would be able to replace their bus door as it was faulty and urgently needed to be fixed. At Safestyle we don't repair or replace vehicle windows and doors so we decided to pay for the cost of the new door as part of our ongoing local charity commitment. We believe that the charity is such a worthy cause and is working towards making a real difference in and around Bradford. To find out more about the great work HALE do visit their website : http://haleproject.org.uk.

Hale Bus
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