Environmental tree planting project

As part of Safestyle's ongoing environmental commitments we have partnered with Tree's for Cities, United Bank of Carbon, and Bradford Environmental Action Trust to help with a project of planting 500 mixed woodland trees in an area close to our head office.

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Trees for cities is an independent charity established in 1993 who inspire people to plant and love trees in cities all over the world. They work with local landowners, partner organisations and community groups to deliver innovative urban tree planting projects. United Bank of Carbon (UNOC is a not-for-profit collaboration between businesses and environmental scientists at the University of Leeds. They protect and restore greenery through environmentally and socially-responsible partnerships with local communities. BEAT (Bradford Environmental Action Trust) is a charity that supports the local community through environmental projects which work towards creating a sustainable future.

Trees Growing On The Site

As an environmentally conscious company we are really excited about the project and the benefits it will bring to the local Bradford area. The trees will be planted on a former clay quarry site that was previously used as a landfill in Low Moor, South Bradford. The planting is expected to take place in the winter of 2017/18 in order to give the trees the highest chance of survival. Safestyle has provided a £1000 donation to the project that will help to further improve the area that has full public access and is visible from the access road.

The trees will be planted through community planting events, which will engage a wide variety of local stakeholders, including residents, community groups and schools. Each attendee will learn how to identify trees, the properties of various tree species, how to plant safely and to ensure the trees have the best chance to thrive. The project will also raise awareness about the importance of trees for local wildlife, the environment and for people living in urban areas. There are many benefits to the project that not only help in creating a more sustainable environment but also provide people with environmental education. The project will provide volunteers with a unique and in most cases, first opportunity, to plant a tree. This will be a fulfilling experience, especially being able to observe them as they grow. We hope that the planting sessions will promote environmental learning and provide a platform for people to think about the environment and their impact.


The project also aims to involve a wide variety of volunteers, many of whom may be isolated or have very little social contact. The planting events will encourage people from all ages and walks of life to come together for a common cause. Planting days will break the ice, provide a chance for people to meet their neighbours and make new friends. Local schools and community groups will also be encouraged to play a role in the long term maintenance of the trees. Studies show that tree planting has a proportionately greater effect in urban areas, where they are close to both sources of pollution and the people who are affected.

This project will be a long term, sustainable transformation of an underused and largely neglected green space. As indicated by a recent study on impact pathways, conducted in conjunction with PWC, long term benefits will be felt through increased biodiversity, mitigation of pollution, enhanced use of natural space by the public and greater resilience of the urban forest to the effects of climate change, such as pests and diseases.

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