Safestyle donation to West Yorkshire Dog Rescue

Safestyle Giving was set up to help and support smaller local charities and organisations that may not receive as many donations as better known charities. Throughout the year we have contributed to a wide variety of causes as part of our ongoing commitment to giving back to the local community. In October we decided to support two local animal rescues due to the amazing work that they do.

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To encourage support from our customers, employees and followers we launched a competition on our Facebook and Twitter pages to raise awareness and money. We asked users to vote if they are a cat person or a dog person in order to answer the great debate as to whether we are a nation of cat lovers or dog lovers. Depending on which pet received the most votes we promised to make a £1,000 donation and a £500 donation to the runner up. Four entrants were also selected at random to receive a luxury pet hamper filled with treats and toys for their own cat or dog.

We selected West Yorkshire Dog Rescue as the nominated dog rescue charity due to their commitment and care to helping dogs who desperately need a home. They work primarily in West Yorkshire but sometimes their activities extend beyond depending on the needs of the dog. Volunteers at West Yorkshire Dog Rescue dedicate their lives to rescuing and re-homing dogs from owners who are unable to keep them as well as unwanted strays from pounds. The rescue is unique in that the dogs are not held in kennels but are able to roam free so that their personality can be fully assessed to help them find the perfect new owner.

Owner with dogs

The competition proved to be hugely successful with over 1,500 people getting involved and sharing pictures of their own pets. The votes showed that more people saw themselves as a cat person with over 100 comments more than dogs. As a result Safestyle has made a £500 donation to West Yorkshire Dog Rescue and a £1000 donation to Bradford Cat Watch Rescue, who were selected as the nominated cat rescue.

West Yorkshire Dog Rescue work tirelessly to help as many dogs as they possibly can. They also offer support to owners who are incredibly sad to give their dog up often due to tragic circumstances. Please visit their website to find out more about the incredible work they do and to make a donation.

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