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Here at Safestyle we're passionate about giving you the highest quality windows and doors at an affordable price. As we are the UK's number one installer we're able to give you special offers and prices that many of our competitors just can't compete with. If you're concerned about the cost of installing new windows and doors you really don't need to worry as we pride ourselves on being affordable for a wide range of budgets. Our specially qualified advisors can talk you through a selection of payment options and offer suggestions that work around your budget, so that you get the very best windows and doors at the best price.

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Our lowest price and price match guarantee

We're so confident that our prices are great value that we promise to beat any like for like genuine quote , so there's never any doubt you're getting the very best deal. What's more, not only will your new windows and doors cost less than you're probably expecting, but they're also covered by our 10 year guarantee; we will repair and replace any faults for a whole 10 years after the installation date.

Why we don't show prices on our website

Something that we get asked about a lot is why we don't show any prices on our website and the simple answer is because it is not possible for us to do so. Every single one of our windows and doors are specifically manufactured for your home exactly; our team are specially trained to measure and asses your home so that your windows and doors are precision built especially for you. We really would not want to show you a price on our website and it be completely different to the price that our surveyor quotes when he comes to assess the property.

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Why can't provide a quick online quote or over the phone

Again the simple answer is because of the quality and fitting of all our products. It really does take a trained and skilled professional to know the exact size that you need and also any other factors that have to be considered. If the measurements are even just a few centimetres out it can leave your home with large gaps cause drafts that lead to energy loss. There are also additional services, such as scaffolding that need to be considered; our surveyors know exactly what to look out for and weigh up all of the different circumstances of the property to provide an accurate quote specifically tailored to you.

We also think that it's important for you to speak with someone face to face to discuss any questions you may have and let them get to know exactly what it is that you want. As your home is so special to you we want to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your choice, which isn't as easy to do online or over the phone. We can show you different samples and let you choose the type of windows and doors that you want. Our experts can offer advice and suggestions on what would work best for you after they have assessed your property. As there are various sizes, styles, glass, materials, colour and frames to consider, providing you with a quote online would simply be a guessing game that we do not think is fair to our customers.

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Why have I seen other companies showing prices on their website?

Some companies may be able to show exact prices if they do not precisely build their windows and doors like we do. Such companies will usually only stock standard sizes, meaning that instead of building the window to fit your home, they might alter your home to fit the window, or use filler pieces. If the window or door is not the right size, it might leave your window with an unsightly foam-filled gap, covered with oversized trims. You’ll probably also only have off-the-shelf options with this type of supplier, giving you much less freedom to customise the product to suit your home.

Is the price agreed with the sales agent and contract the final price that will be paid?

In the vast majority of orders, yes, the price on your contract is the price you will pay. However on very rare occasions the visit from our Technical Surveyor may highlight an issue that wasn't apparent to our sales representative, in which case this will be discussed with you in full, giving you the option to proceed.

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Getting a quote

It's never been easier to get a quote from us. We provide a free, no obligation quote. One of our friendly sales representatives will visit your property, take any measurements they may require, go through design options, answer any of your question, and provide you with a quote there and then. The price that you're quoted is valid for 12 months so you have the time to decide.

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