Introducing our French Windows

Unobstructed and Picture-Perfect Views

28th June 2021

Introducing our french windows

As lockdown eases and summer is welcomed with open arms, the nation is looking forward to the world opening up again. Our French windows demonstrate this concept perfectly, albeit in a slightly different way.

When fully open, the windows offer unobstructed views that promise a picture-perfect scene. How, you ask?

There is no central column (also known as a mullion) to break up the opening, which unlike most windows, allows you to soak up the outside view to its fullest. This means there is ample opportunity for enjoying sunny days, regardless of where the windows are stationed in your home.

French Window with Flying Mullion

french windows

French Window without Flying Mullion

french windows without flying mullion

Upstairs, you can take in the view in its entirety, whatever it is, be it rolling hills, a tree in full bloom or a mish-mash of neighbouring rooftops against the sky. Downstairs, there are more practical offerings to take advantage of when it comes to our French windows, like entertaining guests on sunny days. A large window opening means you can pass food and drink out to guests in the garden once barbeque season is in full swing – it’s a simple, but much-welcomed ease to the process.

The technical insight into how our French windows work is surprisingly simple. Most windows feature a mullion, a central column that divides the window into two, therefore obscuring the view somewhat. However, our French windows bypass this restriction with a flying mullion, which is attached to one side of the frame. This means that a full rectangle forms once both windows are open, rather than two smaller divisions. Essentially, when the window opens, the mullion moves with it, opening up the space even further and giving you more enjoyment out of the views from your home.

french windows with both open

When it comes to safety, our French windows feature our Claw Grip security feature that automatically interlocks and engages as soon as the windows are closed. This is topped off with enhanced multi-point locking as standard, for your absolute peace of mind. The wider opening also acts as an easier means of escape in the unlikely event of a fire.

If you’re looking to upgrade your windows in time for the summer months, take a look at our dedicated French windows page for more information, where you can pick and choose the perfect colours for your property. Match them to your French Doors or see whether you can coordinate them with your composite Guard Door – the choices are endless!

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