Recycling week 2021

Dispose of household materials the eco-friendly way

21st September 2021

Recycling week 2021

Recycling Week 2021 kicks off this week, an annual event that sees retailers and brands coming together to encourage the public to recycle more things, more often.

According to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), Brits generate up to 26m tonnes worth of waste each year, with only 12m tonnes of that being recycled. Despite a significant increase in efforts, we’re still only recycling 3% more now than we were in 20101 - so it’s clear that more needs to be done to tackle the Climate Crisis.

That being said, it’s never been easier to recycle household goods, with recycling centres readily accessible across the country and more companies introducing eco-conscious initiatives.

As the UK went into lockdown last year, homeowners took the opportunity to renovate their properties - but how much waste did we generate doing so? As the UK's leading window supplier, we encourage people to consider the environmental impact of their home updates as the 'renovation-bug' continues to spread.

Instead of simply dumping your old windows into a skip, there are plenty of ways that they can be recycled into something new. We pride ourselves on being the only window provider to offer a recycling service where customers can actually save money on their new windows.

Safestyle UK recycles 80 tonnes of glass, 5 tonnes of metal and 500 tonnes of uPVC offcuts every month, and has introduced new energy-saving measures to ensure that operations are as efficient as possible.

Old uPVC is picked, crushed and compacted using a Grab Machine, allowing lorries to carry 16 tonnes as opposed to 4. This cuts 5 lorries per day and saves over 250,000 miles in transport every year - the equivalent of travelling from the UK to Australia and back, 13 times!

Recycling week 2021

Every month, 80 tonnes of old glass is turned into new, energy-saving glass and 64 tonnes of plastic is turned into plastic decking - just some of the ways your unwanted household items can be made into something useful.

We're really proud to be leading the way to a more eco-friendly method of window and door installation. Windows aren’t typically something you consider recycling, so it's about spreading the word and making sure renovators and people in general give thought to how they dispose of old windows.

We're also aware of all the other household materials that are being disposed of as more people take on renovations - it’s just as important to see how much of these you’re able to recycle. From carpets to mattresses, there’s a whole list of other things you might not have thought to recycle.

Alongside your unwanted windows, there are many other household items you should consider recycling on your next renovation project, such as:

  • Mattresses
  • Keys
  • Tiles
  • Carpets
  • Doors

Spend some time researching different retailers and try to scope out options that provide eco-friendly disposal services. Often companies will reward customers with some form of compensation for this, which is great for anyone on a tight budget.

For more information on Safestyle UK's recycling initiative or 'Swap Shop', visit:

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