How to retain heat in your home & save money during the energy price increase

17th February 2022

The dawn of 2022 came with positivity as we looked towards a more promising year. However, just a mere few weeks into January, the country's hope was dashed by the announcement that energy bills are set to rise by more than 50 percent, tripling the number of households struggling in the UK.

With Brits now desperately looking for ways to cut back on costs and keep the cold out, they will likely have to make long-term investments to keep the heat in their home.

Retain heat in your home

So where do they begin?

Identify where the heat is escaping from

Your first port of call should be your windows. Draughty windows could let the heat and the cash out; shockingly, a typical house loses 40 percent of its energy through its windows. The detrimental effect that draughty windows could potentially have on your utility bill means that homeowners should be checking to see if their windows are suitable.

This can be done in various ways:

  • Placing your hand around your windows to check for a draught
  • Carefully hold a lit match a couple of inches from your window and trace your way around the frame- if there is a draught, the flame will go out.
  • Your glass pane steaming up in summer/ frosting up in Winter.

If any of these tell-tale hacks identify a draught coming from your windows, it may be time to invest in some new ones.

Replacing old windows

Although investing in new windows may seem like a big commitment, in the long term you will be saving a large amount of money.

It's thought that a typical, semi detached, gas-heated home with suitable windows could save up to around £120-£155 each year. A warmer house, cheaper bills and a reduction in your carbon footprint- what more could you want?

What type of windows shall I choose?

It's difficult to know which glass and windows are best for your home, however, it is generally accepted that single glazing is a thing of the past.

These days, most houses are equipped with energy efficient double glazed windows. At Safestyle, we use argon gas between two panes of glass, which is then trapped and made into a sealed unit. With argon gas being much more dense than air, the thermal efficiency of our products is dramatically increased. Argon also reduces the mobility of heat moving through it; this means that heat stays in your home for longer.

It can be a bit trickier to tackle the question of triple glazing. Unless you’re looking for an environmentally conscious design or to combat noise issues, the benefits of switching from double to triple glazing are barely worth it.

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