Safestyle in the Press - July

22th July 2022

It's been a busy month for Safestyle, with some great, insightful pieces of coverage having been picked up in the press. Here are our favourite pieces from the last few weeks!

Safestyle in the Press July 2022

House Buying

The housing market can be tough to crack. This is why we’ve compiled a house buying report, with details from the average age of first time buyers, to the most desirable features people look for in a home. See down below:

Safestyle in the Press July 2022


The beginning of this week saw the start of a heatwave, engulfing Britain in temperatures of up to 40 degrees- the highest ever recorded in the country. Luckily, we pulled together some tips and tricks to help keep your cool:

Safestyle in the Press July 2022


Struggling to find the right way to clean your windows, making them shiny and smudge free? You might be missing vital ingredients: baking soda and vinegar. See the links below to leave your window sparkling clean.

Safestyle in the Press July 2022
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