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Finding the perfect colour for your windows can be hard, but with our interactive coloured window selector tool below you can see what your new windows could look like in any of our ten colour offerings.

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Irish Oak









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Find your perfect coloured windows

All of our windows, whether it be sash, bay or tilt & turn, are available in the same beautiful range of colours. In addition to the classic white uPVC window, we do offer three realistic looking wood effects: rosewood, Irish Oak and Golden Oak.

As well as this, we have six classic colours available - such as grey, black, cream and green - which also incorporate a woodgrain texture for added dimension and a luxury feel.

So whether you're looking to enhance and complement the traditional, or if you are opting for more of a contemporary finish, you're sure to find the perfect colour to suit your home without splashing out.

Treat your home to a total refresh with our coloured uPVC windows

Enhance your home with our range of EcoDiamond™ coloured windows that not only look fantastic, but are rigorously tested to exceed the standards for security, heat retention and weather performance. With ten stunning window frame colour options, you will be sure to find a solution to really suit and personalise your home.

A range of ten colours including grey, white, black and green

All colours are A-rated and precision-made in the UK

Rigorously tested to exceed industry security standards

Keeping your home warm with our energy efficient EcoDiamond™ technology


Find your perfect finish

All of our woodgrain finishes incorporate a wood grain texture, giving them an extra dimension and a luxury feel. We also offer a variety of classic paint colours such as black, slate grey and Chartwell green for more of a contemporary finish. All of our woodgrain finishes look as good as timber but you also get to enjoy the low maintenance and energy efficient benefits of our uPVC windows.

Coloured Windows FAQs

Can you get uPVC windows in different colours?

Our uPVC windows are available in ten stunning colours. At Safestyle we offer a diverse range of colours from classic white and oaks to modern greys, black and Chartwell green to brighten up your home.

How do they colour uPVC windows?

When your new windows are being made at our UK based manufacturing facility, the colour is added via an embossed multi-layered film that is laminated to the uPVC substrate (base) material.

Are coloured windows more expensive?

There may be an extra cost involved due to the increased manufacturing work involved with the production of coloured windows.

What colour windows are best?

It's difficult to say which colour windows are best as a lot of it can come down to personal preference and the style of property you live in. However, what we can say is that we continue to see strong demand for white uPVC windows, with anthracite grey and rosewood also being popular choices.

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